Well, I am semi-retired business executive who moved to the beach in Newport from the beach in San Diego.  My Wife and I have four children and five Grandchildren.


I spent ten years in the Marine Corps and subsequently became a successful executive in technology research, computer hardware/software and healthcare. My education is electrical engineering, linguistics and law with no degree.  My Wife and I bought, remodeled, built and sold a number of homes over the years.  Therefore my knowledge of construction and the vagaries of real estate was earned the hard way.  My business acumen however is owed to many briliant mentors, colleagues and team members.


I discovered Newport in the early 1970s as a vacation spot while running a research and development company in Washington State.  When my Wife and I decided to get out of the chaos of Southern California, we looked at the world map.  It boiled down to the Pacific Northwest or South Central France.  The Northwest won as France was too far from  the Grandkids.


I do have some basic rules however.  These are as follows;

  • Sell only what you would buy yourself.
  • Know what you don't  know and admit it up front.
  • Work only with people you like.
  • Know your product better than anyone else.
  • Respect you are spending another's money.
  • Give advice based on fact and not personal preferences.
  • Listen to the Client and respond with direct honesty.


So, working with me, like working with other Marines, what you see is what you get.


Thank you


STEVE & Charlie

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